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  Spring issue out now

All artworks in their finished state are vast and multifaceted.

Sometimes the layers are physical. Paint upon paint, built up and scraped back, each mark and brushstroke visible; coming together to form a miraculous vision of colour and texture.

It's also what's not seen which makes up the many dimensions of the piece; the process of creation, the interplay of emotion, inspiration and narratives behind the finished work.

In Juliet Piper's photographs it is stratums of memory that combine behind the lens; although often it is not the artist's own histories which are captured as she seeks left-behind traces of small, personal moments - the sparks of second-hand nostalgia.

Whether literal or conceptual, it's always fascinating to peel back the pieces of an artwork, deconstructing what we see and feel, finding our way layer by layer.

Upcoming Exhibitions

  Landmark Spring Art Fair
19 - 20 May 2018
Landmark Art Centre, Teddington

The Landmark Art Fairs are firmly established as major events in the visual arts calendar, taking place twice-yearly in the magnificent surroundings of the Landmark Arts Centre, in Teddington, south-west London.

The Spring Art Fair is the first of 2018 and will showcase a huge variety of fine art across a range of media including painting, sculpture, graphics, print, illustration and mixed media plus high quality ceramics, jewellery and textiles. The focus of the Landmark Art Fair is on the individual artist - including recent graduates and new talent - giving visitors the opportunity to meet and buy direct from the artist rather than via a gallery...


11 - 15 April
Chelsea College of Arts, London

The fifth, much anticipated edition of FLUX will take place this April, bringing 100 artists to the fore, having established itself as London's leading exhibition to discover the most talented, dynamic painters, sculptors and performance artists.

Curated by Lisa Gray, the founder of FLUX, each of the artists has been carefully selected for their sheer talent, and both emerging and established artists have been chosen to showcase their work. More than just an exhibition, FLUX is a vibrant; ground breaking five day art event; a one-of-a-kind platform for contemporary artists to be discovered.


  Fresh: Art Fair
27 - 29 April
Cheltenham Racecourse, Cheltenham, UK

Since its inception last year, Fresh: Contemporary Art Fair has been breathing new life into the UK art scene, taking the focus away from the capital and surprising everyone along the way.

With the Centaur building at Cheltenham Racecourse hosting 45 of the UK's leading galleries over three days, 2017's launch saw some 5,000 paintings and sculptures exhibited by 400 artists, and attracted 4,300 visitors from the Cotswolds and beyond. The success of the first year ensured a return for 2018, and firmly established Fresh: Art Fair as a major player in the art fair calendar.


  Juliet Piper interview

Photographer Juliet Piper's beautiful analogue images of hidden places, hazy skies and snatched landscapes explore ways in which the emotions held within a memory can be captured, and how they are triggered by unrelated events. Her latest work, 'Remember, Last Summer' is a series of found places with traces left by something or someone else. Through her camera - which she considers her visual sonar - Piper searches for echoes of her own childhood, finding moments that ripple through her memories such as animal prints in mud, abandoned stick dens in the woods and fading golden summer light on sand. Born and raised in Switzerland, Piper now lives and works in the UK, via Paris where she moved after graduating from Art school to pursue her career as a portrait photographer. Her time working in the photography industry has seen her covering assignments in different parts of Europe, Africa and the Middle East, while her personal work has been exhibited in the UK, Switzerland and the USA. This April will see 'Remember, Last Summer' exhibited in Geneva, Switzerland at Galerie Ruines.


  Hun Kyu Kim interview

Intricate narratives twist and weave through Hun Kyu Kim's large scale works painted on silk, which combine traditional techniques with contemporary themes. Defining himself as a storyteller, each new work connects with fragmented and scattered histories, tangled and mixed together. Alongside his paintings the artist works with taxidermy as an extension of his imagined world, mirroring the anthropomorphic scenes where mice battle in suits of armour in the shadows of fang-bared snakes. Having studied Oriental Painting in Seoul, he completed his MA in painting at the Royal College of Art, and is currently based in London. Last year amongst group and solo shows, his work was exhibited at Freize Art Fair.


  Shelley Lake

For Shelley Lake the computer is more than just an inanimate tool, but rather a creative partner capable of intellectual decisions. This approach to creating digital works leads her to generating completely new aesthetic experiences as she focuses on the computer's ability to store, process and organise information. Her work features bold, unapologetic depictions of powerful figures; superhuman in their digital form. Throughout her career Lake has received numerous prestigious awards, and has had her work featured in exhibitions across the world including at Tate Modern and Art Basel.