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  Summer issue out now

An artwork can be made of many things: paint and pencil, glass and stone, photograph and frame. Not least of all, an artwork is made from the artist; and is a piece of them the same as a limb or part of their personality.

In many ways, no matter the subject matter or medium, the artist is ever-present in the work. Sometimes this can be seen physically; in the marks of fingerprints left in clay, or in the expressive brushstrokes on a canvas. Just like a self-portrait, these traces act as a record of the artist, suspended in time.

It can also be seen conceptually in the inspirations and influences, in the decisions of colour, form and composition, materiality and display. The thought processes that lead to a final piece can only ever be unique to the person who created it, and as a viewer we get a glimpse into their mind and soul. The artwork is a true extension of the artist.

Upcoming Exhibitions

  New Artist Fair
14 - 16 September 2018
Old Truman Brewery, London

Over the last eight years New Artist Fair has established itself as one of the most exciting art calendar events. Returning this September to the iconic Old Truman Brewery in London's E1 art district, the fair provides artists with the opportunity to join over one hundred new, emerging and recently established artists to showcase their talent to over 6,000 art lovers, buyers and collectors. New Artist Fair is the original artist-led event which adopts a gallery layout, rather than the booths usually seen at art fairs...


  Landmark Spring Art Fair
19 - 20 May 2018
Landmark Art Centre, Teddington

The Landmark Art Fairs are firmly established as major events in the visual arts calendar, taking place twice-yearly in the magnificent surroundings of the Landmark Arts Centre, in Teddington, south-west London.

The Spring Art Fair is the first of 2018 and will showcase a huge variety of fine art across a range of media including painting, sculpture, graphics, print, illustration and mixed media plus high quality ceramics, jewellery and textiles. The focus of the Landmark Art Fair is on the individual artist - including recent graduates and new talent - giving visitors the opportunity to meet and buy direct from the artist rather than via a gallery...


  Miss Aniela interview

Fine Art photographer Natalie Dybisz creates striking work under the name Miss Aniela. Her powerful images erode the boundaries between art and fashion, depicting contemporary models with classical references inspired by Renaissance painting and Dutch masters. Her expansive vision is brought to life through rich, meticulously constructed sets within stately homes located throughout Europe and the US which see wild elements of nature colliding with the historic interiors. The bold and beautiful costumes and contemporary models connect and react to their surroundings; while digitally created after-effects enhance the hypnagogic quality of the artist's images, particularly seen in the dream-like worlds of the Surreal Fashion series. These juxtapositions between nature and manmade, the female form and interiors, painterly motifs and digital photography are continuously explored and reconfigured by the photographer as she makes new works. Miss Aniela's impressive works have been exhibited across the world including the Saatchi Gallery, the Houses of Parliament, and Waldermarsudde Museum in Stockholm.


  Sharon Griffin interview

For sculptor Sharon Griffin the clay with which she creates artworks is an extension of herself as a person. She creates beautiful and haunting forms that appear fragile yet powerful, emanating the whispers of love and loss that are so often felt within humanity. Through the use of fast marks and emotive gestures, her work manifests a sense of both hope and sadness. Based in Telford in the UK, the artist has exhibited regularly across the country in group and solo shows, as well as running a pottery studio alongside her personal practice.


  Julia Aurora Guzman interview

Materiality is a key aspect of Julia Aurora Guzman's artworks, as she uses mixed medias such as metal, coral stone, wood, wax, mesh, and thread to create compositions which are constructed to settle between the material's logic and her own. Her sculptures and installations play with scale and respond to ubiquitous support systems found in architectural and institutional methods of display, examining their labour and re-contextualizing particular mechanisms. Originally from Santo Domingo, Guzman has had regular solo and group exhibitions in California, where she studied at the San Francisco Art Institute. She is currently based in Amsterdam in The Netherlands.