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  Autumn/Winter issue out now

Inspiration is all around us for artists; it's found in nature and landscapes, in lived experiences, politics and contemporary culture, in the patterns of textiles and the pages of books.

People are often placed at the centre of an artist's work, whether telling a personal story through an autobiographical artwork or a portrait of others; a depiction of a hero, pop culture icon or world leader.

Sometimes the stimulation to draw, paint or sculpt comes from a small, everyday observation; the cosmos of colours found in a three-day bruise, the soft, fuzzy textures of a ripe peach or the hard sharp surfaces of cracked concrete. Other times the motivation is huge; bigger than any one person, bigger than countries and continents. Social injustices, political movements, beliefs and the forces of nature have all inspired artworks across all mediums, and will continue to do so as history changes the landscapes of the world.

The final form of an artwork is just one of the many layers in the process, from catalyst to craft, muse to museum.

  Ulas & Merve interviewRandall

Merve Türkan and Ulas Kesebir are a photographer duo based in London, specialising in fashion, commercial and fine art photography.

Deeply influenced by surrealisim, self-portraiture makes up the bulk of their body of work. Their work sees them playing with ideas of gaze and perspective, placing bodies in unexpected configurations while maintaining a sense of refinement and elegance. Their eye for colour is a defining feature across their portfolio, whether working with neutral palettes or sharp pops of cobalt yellow and blue, the balance is always perfectly executed through subject matter and composition.

The duo continues to carve their position as top international photographers, with numerous awards and exhibitions.


Upcoming Exhibitions

  New Artist Fair
1st – 3rd October | The Truman Brewery, London

This autumn sees the welcome return of New Artist Fair, which celebrates its 10 year anniversary since launching in 2011.

The independent artist-led art fair has set a precedent for emerging artist representation in London, using its platform to showcase over 100 new and recently established artists at each event to art lovers, buyers and collectors.

The carefully selected UK and international contemporary artists represent a huge spectrum of the art world, with painters working across all genres and mediums, sculptors, photographers and printmakers. The New Artist Fair celebrates the living artist with its gallery layout which removes the usual booths seen at art fairs, bringing you closer to the work and the artist themselves. Many artists begin their career at the event, going on to exhibit and sell with some of the UK's top galleries.


  Borde Hill Garden
Sculpture Exhibition

7 May – 30 September

Featuring more than 80 sculptures, the beautiful Sussex garden at Borde Hill will once again be transformed into a stunning outdoor gallery for this year’s exhibition ‘Form in Nature’, which opens this May. The carefully curated exhibition features pieces placed throughout the 17-acre formal garden, working in harmony with the surroundings of the renowned horticultural collection that has put Borde Hill on the map as a garden of national importance. With fresh new talent highlighted alongside some familiar returning names, visitors will find a huge range of abstract and figurative works, stone carvings, kinetic assemblages and pieces in resin, metal and glass.