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  Summer issue out now

The universe.

For many artists it is their life's work to explore this infinite expanse, and through their art, shrink it into something we can see right in front of us. They allow a glimpse of a bigger picture, literally and conceptually, while relating to ideas of what immediately surrounds us.

For cover artist Julian Hanford, humankind's relationship with the universe is something that continues to influence his work, as he asks "what if?". Through his images he is challenging the viewer to consider new ways of thinking about where, and how, we exist in the cosmos.

Martyna Zoltaszek creates her own universes in her paintings; the edges of her canvases containing entire versions of the world as we know it, yet different. They contain new rules for what could exist, and how things could look. Her work could be considered escapism, and yet it is still of our time and space.

Through art we can find our place; in time, in society and in the universe.


  Borde Hill Garden Sculpture Exhibition 2016
Until 30 September | Borde Hill Garden, Haywards Heath

Figurative and abstract artworks in bronze, resin, stone, metalwork, stained glass and ceramics have transformed Borde Hill's historic gardens into a stunning outdoor gallery, giving viewers a new perspective of the magnificent surroundings of the Elizabethan house.

This year marks the 17th year of the annual Sculpture Exhibition, with works by both established and up-and-coming artists on display, as well as a specially commissioned water installation by international sculptor Angela Connor. The garden provides a breath-taking backdrop to the sculptures, which are strategically placed to encourage exploration of both the extraordinary mix of artworks and the renowned plant collection...


  Holly Rozier: Unheimlich
1 June - 3 July | Corridor Gallery, Brighton

This June, Corridor Gallery in Brighton is host to the exciting first solo exhibition of textile artist Holly Rozier, featuring brand new site-specific installations created from domestic materials such as hosiery, stuffing and textile remnants. In a lengthy and complex process these materials are mutated; twisted, formed, shaped, hand-dyed, and delicately finished with intricate embroidery detail and intense beadwork.

The magnificent surroundings of the Landmark Arts Centre, Teddington, are host to several art fairs throughout the year. It is their hallmark to showcase individual artists and crafts people, including recent graduates and new talent, giving visitors the opportunity to buy direct from the artist...


  Drawn to the Valley Tavistock Summer Exhibition
27 – 31 July | Tavistock Town Hall, Tavistock

The Drawn to the Valley group was formed in 2003 by the artists of the Tamar Valley Area as both a support network and a way to bring the area of natural beauty to life through art. The group now has over 160 members, ranging from painters and printmakers to ceramicists, sculptors, calligraphers, jewellers and textile artists. The annual Tavistock summer exhibition showcases this variety of work from the artists, while the Open Studios event which runs from 27 August – 4 September gives visitors the opportunity to see more behind the work.


12 August – 10 September | Undercroft Gallery, Norwich

Asylum is an ambitious new independent group exhibition opening this August at Norwich's Undercroft Gallery, in Norfolk.

Organised and curated by Russian artist Gennadiy Ivanonv, the show brings together over 20 artists, philosophers, singers, poets, and scientists who have been invited to create new works, both together and individually.

Seven different labyrinthine Asylum rooms will act as 'shelters', each shelter given a different theme ranging from music and subculture, to pain, death and money. Each artist has chosen their shelter, working collaboratively on the theme of asylum in their chosen media to the scale of their choice whether in painting, drawing, sculpture, film, sound or photography.


  New Artist Fair Summer Exhibition 2016
9 – 11 September | The Old Truman Brewery, London

Over 100 emerging and recently established artists will be showing their work this September as part of the New Artist Fair, which returns to exhibition spaces in the iconic Old Truman Brewery.

Founded in 2011, the New Artist Fair provides a platform for bringing the best emerging and recently established contemporary artists to market, selling their work directly to art lovers, buyers, investors and collectors in Central London gallery locations. Most of the artists will also be available to meet throughout the weekend, adding a truly personal element to the buying experience.


  Landmark Art Fair
Landmark Arts Centre, Teddington | 21 - 22 May 2016

The magnificent surroundings of the Landmark Arts Centre, Teddington, are host to several art fairs throughout the year. It is their hallmark to showcase individual artists and crafts people, including recent graduates and new talent, giving visitors the opportunity to buy direct from the artist. It's a great opportunity to be able to meet the people that created the art works, and avoid paying high gallery commissions.

The Spring Landmark Art Fair will be taking place across the weekend of 21st – 22nd May 2016, giving visitors the chance to view and buy a vibrant variety of visual art including painting, print making, photography, jewellery, glass, collage and sculpture from upwards of 80 exhibitors.


  Radical Craft
12 March - 12 June 2016

Featuring the work of 34 international and UK artists who express their creativity unbounded by taught conventions, the latest touring exhibition from Craftspace and Outside In, co-curated by Laura Hamilton, will feature work by renowned historical and contemporary Outsider and self-taught artists.

Radical Craft: Alternative Ways of Making will showcase the creativity of artists who face barriers to the art world for reasons including health, disability, social circumstance or isolation. Although their practices may have been nurtured and encouraged in specialist centres or studios, most have never received any formal art training; their creative impulses developed with independence...



  Filip Wolak interview

Filip Wolak is equal parts photographer and commercial pilot.

Recently he combined his two passions to create the award-winning photo series 'Winter from Above', a breath-taking aerial view of New York City blanketed in an all-consuming layer of bright white snow. The series won Wolak the Sony World Photography Award, and this spring the image 'Central Park from 10,000 feet' was exhibited at Somerset House, London.


  Carlos Blanco Artero

As fantastical as his works may appear, Carlos Blanco Artero almost always begins painting from reality.

His main line of work revolves around the human figure, and more specifically in the face and deformation. His unique style sees him distorting every aspect of the figure's body, while maintaining a formal and aesthetic balance, an aspect of his practice which allows us as viewers to still feel a certain human connection to his protagonists. His new series of work has an even more experimental approach, with the artist starting with an abstract drawing, within which he discovers recognisable forms to enhance.


  Martyna Zoltaszek

Martyna Zoltaszek works from her studio in Bristol having studied Fine Art at the Wroclaw Academy of Fine Arts in her native Poland, where she gained her Masters Degree in 2004. Fresh from graduating, she undertook a residency at the art department at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, having won a scholarship in a painting competition.

She creates bright new worlds in paint, her illustrative background giving an extra layer of intricate detail to the scene. Taking inspiration from nature, pop culture references and vintage paraphernalia, her works are detailed slices of strange new macrocosms, each new piece filled with tangents and hidden mini-stories.


  Capucine Safir interview

Capucine Safir is a self-taught, Miami-based French sculptor. It was her first encounter with stone in 2011 that led her to discovering her medium as a sculptor and began her artistic journey. Her move to Miami in 2013 really set her free as an artist, as she discovered new materials and evolved her process. We spoke to the artist about her process and influences, and how she has developed her distinct, tactile style.


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  Sandra Jordan

Seeking out moments of solitude across the globe, Sandra Jordan takes the large and makes it small. Under the gaze of her lens, blue and black expanses of arctic terrain and mountains are reduced to poetic whispers, while whole cities of towering skyscrapers are condensed to a single point of 'hidden beauty'...


  Leila Godden

Leila Godden UA is a member of the United Society of Artists. Her acrylic paintings celebrate textures and intriguing applications of paint, using her own connection with the sea as a primary inspiration to provoke a more discerning response from the viewer; evoking their own personal memories and experiences to draw them into the painting...


  Rachel Carter

Rachel Carter creates woven sculptural pieces that demand a second look - and touch - from the viewer. The organic shapes are not crafted from willow as they appear, but using a method with wax the artist has developed to create the swirling, spherical monuments in bronze. Fluid shapes and geometric patterns found in nature have been translated through Carter's signature swirling weave using a range of techniques including crochet, basketry and macramé.


  Gosia Poraj

Polish artist Gosia Poraj received her masters at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Poland, specialising in printmaking. Now based in London, she works predominantly with painting, using coloured inks as her primary medium. Ephemeral and blurry recollections of landscapes drift into impressions and feelings; senses that Poraj lyrically translates into visual forms of shape and colour...