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  Issue 15 spring/summer 2019
Released March 2019

The power of nature is all around us, affecting our lives as humans in strange and unexpected ways.

Sometimes physical, sometimes profound, we have all experienced those moments at the hands of nature. The feeling deep within our souls when we see a sunset that stirs a thousand memories, unexpected rain that soaks through to the skin and the exhilaration from the sound of fierce, crashing waves.

It is little surprise that nature provides a constant source of inspiration for many artists, whether that is found visually - in the shapes and forms of trees and rocks, the flowing lines of rivers and the colours of a changing sky - or spiritually - in the emotion felt in places of wild, natural beauty -holding onto these elusive moments through paint, clay and photograph.

We are all connected to nature, whether we accept it into our daily consciousness or keep it on the edge of our peripheries. The work of these artists brings it to the fore, and as viewers we can all find a common balance as we consider our place within the natural world.