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People Make Dartington

New photographic exhibition of portraits by emerging artist, Aubrey Simpson who has captured the heart and soul of the people who live and work on the Dartington Hall Estate

Green Table café & White Hart restaurant and bar, Dartington Hall estate, TQ9 6EL
Running until 7 December 18

People Make Dartington is a powerful new photographic exhibition by young emerging artist Aubrey Simpson featuring portraits of the many varied people who live and work on the Dartington Hall Estate; from mushroom growers and Russian composers to bookbinders and gardeners. The show unveils the stories of how each person came to be a part of the estate, which sits on the edge of Dartmoor, in Totnes, Devon, while celebrating the diverse and enterprising nature of the community.

Inspired by 1980s band Talking Heads’ song ‘Once In A Lifetime’, the photographer investigated notions of individual and collective identities by asking each of his subjects the same question: ‘How did you get here?’, resulting in powerful portraits of 27 creatives, offering a visual representation of the Dartington Experiment.

The Dartington Hall estate is home to 175 independent businesses employing over 1,500 people. Since 1925 enterprise has always been an important part of the Dartington Experiment; creating a community of craftspeople, artists and specialist professionals to regenerate the estate. Potters, textile weavers, furniture designers, glass makers, craftsmen builders, artists and makers have all established thriving businesses, trading locally, nationally and internationally.

People make Dartington is a free exhibition, and can be seen on display in two of the estate’s restaurants, The Green Table and The White Hart, open until December 7th.