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Evaldas Gulbinas

London-based artist Evaldas Gulbinas has developed a bold artistic language which sees him creating sculptures and paintings using graphic shapes, bright block colours and playful, tactile compositions. His passion for both detailed work and non-figurative objects sees him often breaking his own boundaries in the studio, as he discovers relationships between ideas and materials.

Materials for the artist include paint, clay, polystyrene, wood and digital tools. He is inspired by city living, people and nature, as well as the light with which he often works, using it to attract the viewer and play with their mood. Whilst making work, Gulbinas finds himself transported as if to another world away from reality where instead exist the figures and animals from his paintings.

Alongside his fine art practice which includes sculptures, paintings, digital media, mixed media and installations, Gulbinas is a working tattoo artist, a part of his life which continues to be a major influence for creating new work. His signature cartoon style - which is influenced by childhood nostalgia and an interest in anime - reflects his painting style, as well as allowing the artist to focus on details and communicate with people on a more personal level.

Gulbinas moved to London after attending National M. K. Ciurlionis School of Art in Vilnius, Lithuania, and has since completed a BA in Fine Arts and Mixed Media from the University of Westminster.